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Dr S.Hossein Asaee , a neurologist and spine specialist, received his certificate from Shiraz University ranked third in the country. He then began studying in France and received a laser specialist board from France with a privileged rating, then returned to Iran. Afterwards, for the very First time in the south of Iran, the Lumbar Disc Laser Surgery was performed by Dr.Asaee .
From that time on, Dr. Asaee continued his activities in Shiraz,Iran and hopes to contribute more to the growing health of the community by gaining more experience.


by clicking on each photo, you can see how the surgery is done




  • Rachis Hospital

    Laser surgery speciality board

    Disc laser surgery board certification from France with a privileged rating

  • Shiraz University

    Neurosurgeon certificate

    obtaining the certification of neurosurgical specialty with the third ranked in the whole country

  • Shiraz university of medical sciences

    General medical degree

    Medical education and graduated with first rank in university

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